Anatomy Star - Head and Neck



Advanced Anatomy of the Head and Neck!

Learn anatomy in an easy and fun way.
With 152 different anatomical structures in Latin.

If you're studying medicine want to be a doctor or a physician in the future this is a great app - perfect for medical students.

All the anatomical words are in Latin and some of them also have some special characters for pronunciation help.

The app include these different main structures:

- Cranium
- Neurocranium
- Viscerocranium
- Os frontale
- Os occipitale
- Os temporale
- Os sphenoidale
- Os ethmoidale
- Cavitas nasi
- Cavitas oris propria
- Maxilla
- Os zygomaticum
- Os palatiunum
- Mandibula
- Face and Chewing Muscles
- Neck Muscles
- Toung Mucsles
- Pharynx
- Larynx

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