Anti mosquito repellent sounds



Anti mosquitoes frequency sounds is a free mosquito repellent software for your Android device, which uses ultrasonic waves that are not easily heard by human ears, but sensitive to most animals, such as mosquitoes.

Only female mosquitoes bite humans and animals. Males feed on flower nectar. They are attracted by several things, including heat (infrared light), light, perspiration, body odor, lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

If she is disturbed, she will fly away. Otherwise, she will remain until she has a full abdomen.

If there are mosquitos near you, you can easily open the software, test a frequency and find out which of the given drives away those pesky insects.

Those sounds may work on some mosquitos, but may not on others. It is also advisable to use mosquito repellent lotion as an extra precaution.

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