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You never know what you have or do not have in your medicine cabinet ?
Do you often buy new when you already have a drug ?

The application Armadietto, exclusively for Google Play, thanks to a pleasant and intuitive graphic interface will help you
better manage your purchases and keep 'tidy' your medicine cabinet.
Entering the expiration date of a drug when you buy it, the app you will warn you in advance of its expiry .
Updating periodically or after use, the remaining amount of a drug, you can check at a glance the status of your cabinet .

- Detail residual quantity and expiration date
- Notes on use used in research
- Customize your reminder time before the deadline
- Quick search of the contents of the cabinet
- Research, insertion, from an archive of over 75,000 drugs on the market
- Import / export of data cabinet

Armadietto, what it is not :
It is not :
- An aid to self-medication
- A medical handbook

[ antibiotics , pharmacy , medicine, catalog ]

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