Baby Care - track baby growth!


Baby Care - track baby growth!'s review


Forget pen and paper, Baby Care is the perfect digital tool for monitoring your baby's progress

  • Track your baby's milestones
  • Record voice notes and your baby's first words
  • Bit of a complicated design
  • Ads

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"Track absolutely everything about your baby"


Some moms and dads want like to record every last detail of their baby's growth. How much they weigh, how tall they are, how many bottles of milk they're drinking, how much porridge they've managed, what color their poo is... Baby Care is a customized application, allowing you to introduce all kinds of information related to your baby's growth: food , weight and measurements, milestones, and more.


This is an incredibly easy-to-use and well-rounded app, with lots of customization options. As well as recording voice notes for yourself, you can even record your baby's first gurgles - and first proper words!


There are so many options and functions that it's possible to get a little lost, though once you've got going you soon get into the swing of how to use the app. The app features ads, though luckily they aren't too intrusive.

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by Cecília

May 06, 2015

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