Beth Israel Deaconess




    The Beth Israel Deaconess Find a Doctor application puts information about our medical center and physicians directly into your hands. With this application you can search our affiliated doctors by name, specialty, or even by proximity to your location. Selecting a physician takes you to their interactive profile, from which you can initiate a phone call, get directions, and make notes. You can also add them to your personal contact list or add them to the application’s Favorites list so you can locate your preferred providers quickly and easily.

    In addition to the Find a Doctor feature, you can learn more about our hospital’s specialized centers, including complete contact information, access information beneficial to our patients, and open our full website through your phone’s browser.

    The Beth Israel Deaconess Find a Doctor application lets us keep in close communication with our patients and share valuable information with them. Its all part of our quest to treat our patients with the same respect and compassion we’d show to our friends and family.