Bilingual Aphasia Test



Who is this app for:

Members of the Bilingual Aphasia Test Community, who have an Android Touch Tablet or Android Smart Phone and who have used the BAT before.

What is this app:
AndroidBAT is a virtual paper stimulus book. It is a free OpenSource application which is simply a ‘virtual paper’ version of the original BAT Stimuli PDFs with 'eyes,' 'ears' and 'skin.'

To run the test you need original eBAT Test PDFs, and a person who speaks the language you are testing:

Why would you want to use the AndroidBAT instead of a PDF? The AndroidBAT has the added benefit of allowing for a diversity of data collection integrated directly into the test. AndroidBAT allows recording of eye-gaze and audio during a patient's interview, without visible external camera or microphone, while providing more analyzable data (e.g., eye-gaze, audio, touch, etc.) than the PDF format. Data can then be easily synced or shared with colleagues using Dropbox for instance.

AndroidBAT works on both tablets and phones. It has been tested on:
* Motorola XOOM 10inch Tablet
* Nexus 7 7inch Tablet
* HTC Desire 4inch Phone
* Nexus S 4inch Phone

Instructions on how to administer the BAT:

User Guide for how to use the AndroidBAT buttons:

To report bugs or vote on new features:

The BAT was created by the Bilingual Aphasia Community of Researchers (see

The BAT was Androidified by:
* Gina Cook - iLanguage Lab, Montréal Canada
* Alexandra Marquis - École de Orthophonie et Audiologie, Université de Montréal
* Émie Dessureault - École de Orthophonie et Audiologie, Université de Montréal
* Kim Dan Nguyen - École de Orthophonie et Audiologie, Université de Montréal

Instructions & Source Code to create your own Android Aphasia apps:

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