BirthBaby for Tablet



BirthBaby helps you manage your pregnancy from conception to birth. Use the pregnancy ticker to keep track of your progress and to set customized reminders to help you plan what needs to get done before the big day. The kick counter will also help you track your baby's health. When the special day arrives, use the contraction timer to help you decide when to head for the hospital. Setup automated notifications to quickly contact friends and family during key moments of your labor.



Kick Counter
- easy tracking of kick counts
- warnings at 10 kicks, 1 hour, and the 2 hour marks
- kick session logs can be emailed in CSV format

Contraction Timer
- simple contraction starting
- set strength rating and notes with each contraction
- edit or delete individual contraction entries
- automated prompts for starting new contraction sessions
- setup automated notifications for each contraction using a set of standardized rules
- notifications can be setup to send an email, text, or prompt you to initiate a phone call to doctors, friends or family
- email your contraction history in CSV format

Pregnancy Ticker
- calculate your due date from your last menstrual period or enter it manually
- quickly check how much time is left in your pregnancy, how many weeks along you have progressed, and which trimester you're in.
- includes a reminder list which helps you track the tasks that you need to complete before your baby arrives
- lets you set reminders for a particular week or trimester of your pregnancy
- reminders and alarms are synced with your Google Calendar
- comes pre-loaded with a set of default reminders.
- edit or delete individual reminders
- if your due date changes, your reminders are re-synced to reflect your new due date.

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