Cancer Stages and Grades



Staging is an important phase of the diagnostic workup of cancer, it allows you to find the right treatment as well as determining a precise prognosis. Since there are many types of cancer in modern medicine, know all the staging systems would be impossible; for this reason it can be very useful an application that can detect in seconds the stage of any cancer.
“Cancer Stages and Grades ”, built in collaboration with clinical oncologists and radiation oncologists, allows any doctor, or otherwise any professional who works with cancer, to insert the data of the main tumor and immediately get the stage. The application makes it unnecessary to refer to large paper manuals and give the possibility to have the necessary information even without an internet connection, as when in medical counseling in other departments. The software uses the most important staging system such as TNM system (Tumor size, number of lymph Nodes and distant Metastases) and FIGO system; however, continuous updates will provide you with the most recent data and alternative new staging systems.

At the moment these are the cancers included:

Adrenal Gland
Ampulla of Vater
Appendix - Carcinoid
Appendix - Carcinoma
Bone Tumors
Breast Cancer
Carcinoma of the Eyelid
Cervix Uteri
Corpus Uteri Carcinoma
Cutaneous Carcinoma (Basal and Squamous Cell)
Distal Bile Duct
Esophagus - Adenocarcinoma
Esophagus - Squamous cell carcinoma
Fallopian Tube
Gastric Gist
Intrahepatic Bileducts
Larynx - Glottis
Larynx - Subglottis
Larynx - Supraglottis
Lip and Oral Cancer
Major Salivary Glands
Maxillary Sinus
Melanoma Skin
Merkell Cell Carcinoma
Mucosal Melanoma of Head and Neck
Nasal Cavity and Ethmoid sinus
Neuroendocrine Colon, Rectum
Neuroendocrine Duodenum,Ampulla
Neuroendocrine Stomach
Ovary and Primary Peritoneal
Penis Tumours
Perihilar Bile Ducts
Pharynx - Hypopharynx
Pharynx - Nasopharynx
Pharynx - Oropharynx
Pleural Mesothelioma
Renal pelvis and ureter
Small Intestinal Gist
Small Intestine
Soft tissue Sarcoma
Thyroid - Anaplastic Carcinoma
Thyroid - Medullary Carcinoma
Thyroid - Papillary or Follicular, Age: 45 Years and Older
Thyroid - Papillary or Follicular, Age: Under 45 Years
Urinary bladder

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