Capurro Method



To estimate more accurately the risk of infants having certain diseases or die, it becomes necessary to examine two major variables together that are gestational age and weight.
Gestational age is the time from conception to birth. By clinical methods is impossible to determine the moment of conception can be inferred indirectly from the date of last menstrual period (LMP). This method, universal use is far more reliable as the mother remembers the dates of their menses and the more regular are your cycles.
When the mother is unaware of the LMP, or have questions regarding the same, you can use the following methods:
During pregnancy: - measuring from the bottom of the uterus, measuring the size of the fetus by ultrasound (below 20 weeks);
At birth: - clinical and neurological examination of the newborn: newborn for gestational age greater than 28 weeks, Capurro's method has been widely used and can be performed soon after birth (using somatic). For healthy newborns and with more than 6 hours of life, is made and the somatic nervous system, both forms have shown high correlation with LMP it was lower for infants small for their age. In these infants has been observed an underestimation of gestational age from 35 weeks.
Capurro's method is based on five criteria somatic and neurological 2. During somatic analysis, it examines the texture of the skin, the shape of the ears, the formation of the areola, the size of the mammary gland and plantar creases. Each criterion corresponds to a note that will be added to a constant for the calculation of gestational age.
The neurological criteria are used about six hours after birth and tests are performed the scarf (and head position to raise the newborn.
Once all five somatic criteria are met, the gestational age is automatically calculated.
To use neurological criteria, just click Next on the screen of somatic criterion. Then, the program uses the criteria somatic already filled for calculating the somatic Capurro + deficit.

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