Cardiology 3D small animals(1)




    This augmented-reality application complements the book “3D cardiology in small animals” published by Editorial Servet.

    The app: "Cardiology 3D small animals(1)" allows you to scan QR codes of the Introduction and Acquire
    diseases and the app: "Cardiology 3D small animals (2)" allows you to scan QR codes of the Congenital diseases.

    Once the app is launched on a mobile device, the user only needs to scan the QR codes that appear in the book in order to visualise different dynamic 3D images of the heart and its diseases. Thanks to this app, veterinary surgeons will be able to visualise each disease in three dimensions, which will give them a better understanding of its physiopathology and, as a result, of the aims of the treatment.

    Readers will therefore be able to see –and almost touch– the normal heart floating on the book as well as the physiopathological changes the organ undergoes in case of congestive heart failure. They will also be able to see the most common acquired and congenital diseases in the dog and the cat, and relate the images obtained with echocardiography, the only imaging technique that allows us to visualise the functioning heart in our daily practice, to the augmented-reality tridimensional structure.

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