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» The App for the successful treatment of Amblyopia «

Caterna Vision Therapy has been specifically designed for children with Amblyopia. This treatment is particularly recommended for children who are currently undergoing, or have recently finished, occlusion therapy. For these children Caterna Vision Therapy produces significant improvements in their vision, and will drastically reduce the length of time a child must wear their patch.

This treatment has been rigorously tested in clinical studies which were conducted with children between the ages of 4 and 14. The results of the scientific studies are unequivocal and we at Caterna Vision Therapy have designed this treatment to be exciting as well as beneficial. The eye exercises have been adapted to the needs of children aged 3 years and above so that they find it fun and are motivated to continue with vision therapy.

Caterna Vision Therapy is an on-screen application that is designed to be used as an adjunct to occlusion treatment of amblyopia. This treatment can be enjoyed by the child in their home environment at flexible times. During regular training sessions of at least twenty minutes per day, the weak eye is stimulated by therapeutic light stimuli which are displayed on a computer screen.

To ensure that your child enjoys the therapy, we have combined the therapeutic stimulus with exciting games. We have designed a variety of games to suit all ages, using incentives and bonuses as a means of encouraging your child, ensuring your child remains concentrated and motivated during the therapy. Your child plays and trains his/her vision at the same time!

Is your child between 3 and 12 years old? Do they have amblyopia and have they been prescribed an eye patch?

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The Caterna Vision Therapy should be conducted under medical supervision.

Expand your options with the Caterna Vision App.

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