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Clinical Handbook of Nursing

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    This reference provides the knowledge and resources that ensure a solid base for critical thinking and clinical judgment and that can be applied to provide safe, individualized, and competent clinical nursing care. This latest update is based on the 5th edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates.

    Clinical Handbook for Medical-Surgical Nursing: Critical Thinking in Patient Care has been revised and updated to provide the knowledge and skills needed to care for adult patients to promote health, facilitate recovery from illness and injury, and provide support when coping with disability or loss.

    - A strong focus on nursing care as the essential element in learning and doing nursing, regardless of the gender, age, race, culture, or socioeconomic background of the patient of the setting for care

    - List actual causes, when known, or provides a risk-factor assessment when appropriate

    - Providing a balance of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and interdisciplinary care to support dependent, interdependent, and independent nursing interventions

    - Emphasis on the nurse’s role as a caregiver, educator, advocate, leader and manager, and as an essential member of the interdisciplinary healthcare team

    - The use of functional health patterns and the nursing process as the structure for providing nursing care in today’s world by prioritizing nursing diagnoses and interventions specific to altered responses to illness

    - Fostering critical thinking and decision-making skills as the basis for safe, knowledgeable, individualized clinical practice