CPC Mobile | Mobility for CNAs

The CNA App is the mumms® application designed to support CNA patient visits while using any Falcon mobile device.

The app supports Falcon’s GPS feature so that hospice administrators can compile accurate time and mileage reports on CNA work time and travel.

With the CNA App:

* The nurse creates/edits a CNA care plan for a patient.
* At the beginning of his/her work shift, each CNA logs in to the CNA App to see a list of his/her assigned patients.
* Clicking on a patient displays a custom form, based on that patient’s care plan, for the CNA to complete. This form includes:
* Information that the assigning nurse wants to convey to the CNA, e.g., “Patient is Bedbound”.
* Checklists of tasks that the CNA should provide, e.g., “Assist with shower, change wound dressings, nail care”.
* Fields for patient vitals.
* Checkbox, radio button, text, and text area questions.
* Fields for entering any other text or additional information.
* Synchronization to the patient’s medical record in real-time, which is viewable to the patient’s IDT members and simultaneously incorporated into CPC reports.
* Accessibility via one of the devices listed for Falcon access, i.e., any WebKit enabled browser, including iPads, iPhones, Droids, or Android-based tablets.
* Information is automatically added to the patient’s medical record.
* Driving map and turn-by-turn directions from the CNA’s current location to the next visit location.
* Compliance with CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), The Joint -Commission, CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Program), and ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Healthcare) standards and requirements.

GPS Tracking

mumms® can now provide real-time GPS tracking information on employees as they depart to work in the community, travel, and return from work each day.

* The GPS feature displays a dashboard for administrators to see current employee locations: each employee’s name and location on a map.
* The GPS feature will improve hospice employee safety as it provides hospice administrators with the precise location of each employee, can confirm stop/idle times, report excessive driving speeds, and geo-fencing with its user-defined settings for travel boundaries supports increasing travel efficiency by all employees.
* This application’s information can populate employee time sheets, including non-work times (e.g., lunch, personal time, etc.) and time for non-patient visits.
* Mileage reports compare the number of miles an employee should have driven to the number of miles actually driven.
* Time reports compare the amount of time the employee should have consumed while traveling to the amount of time actually traveling.
* Variance reports can confirm visits that were not actually performed at the patient’s home.
* Hospice managers can replay employee travel for the day and actually witness where employees invested their time.
* Hospice managers can view current employee locations and more efficiently dispatch employees (CNAs) closest to the patient’s location.

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