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***This app is for professional use only, if you are not an eye care professional, please DO NOT install it.***

CONTACTOLOGY TOOLS in the 'Gaceta de Optometría y Optica Oftálmica' of Spanish National College of Optics and Optometry. (sorry, only spanish)

- 6 programs in 1!
- Check out the Spanish version: "CONTACTOLOGIA"
- All the mathematical calculations you may need to work with contact lenses.
- "Distometer" converts glasses or phoropter refraction to contact lens.
- Calculates the real distometer without rounding, for maximum accuracy at any refractive power. Also includes spherical equivalent calculation, for those low astigmatism patients
- "Over-Refraction" calculates the power of the final toric contact lens to be adapted, based on the initial refraction and the over-refraction
- "RGP Curve Calculator" calculates the initial base curve radius of the first lens rgp lens fittings according to power, astigmatism and keratometry.
- "Radio - Diopter converter".
- "Corneal astigmatism" calculates the corneal astigmatism from the corneal radius.
- "PRISMS!" calculates the combination of two prisms oriented at different angles in one eye, to obtain the resultant prism.
- It also displays the binocular prismation independly in each eye to achieve the same prismatic effect.
- This option adjust the total prism power when different prisms are used at both eyes; It's highly recommended to use this option in high power prisms (over 10Δ)
- When using this option, you must combine the prisms to obtain the same prismatic effect; power nor axis vector calculation are calculated.

- Data offered by this app are not enough for contact lens fitting, you need the professional eye care work.

- This App is designed for professionals, if you have any questions, ask your optometrist!

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