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    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: In (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation CPR), when you do (heart massage), and it is recommended to perform the pressure to continue at a rate of more than 100 times per minute of chest compressions.

    CPR metronome, BEEP sound emitted by 100 times per minute, you can check the timing of chest compressions.
    Please use and training of chest compressions.

    You can configure the following settings in the options.
    (Press the Menu button on your terminal, please select the settings that are displayed.)

    * Disabling the splash-screen display
    * Run immediately after start-
    * Adjust the volume-BEEP(Kind of volume can be selected.)
    * Flashing LED icon on the screen
    * ON / OFF of the vibration
    * Change the tempo of the chest compressions:
    * Tempo can be changed in the range of 100 to 120 times per minute
    * Display and count from 1 to 30
    * Select the number of chest compressions (15 or 30)
    * Providing a two-time doses of artificial respiration
    * Adjustment of the time when artificial respiration
    * Establish the time of airway
    * Initialize the value-setting screen, press the "Clear" button from the menu
    * Reset the CPR task when you restart:
    (If checked, when after a pause, press the Play button to start from the first cycle (chest compressions) of CPR.
    When suspended, eg, at AED, you can start from the same Mel chest compressions resumed by this time.)
    ※ environment android viersion 2.2 and earlier, the tempo or timing will shift.
    In some cases you may want to delay processing by other applications but 2.3.

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