CPR Rhythm Tool



The CPR Rhythm tool shows the rhythm of the chest compression and breathing in CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) with a sound and animation.
It is useful as a supplementary tool in the CPR educational area.

< Function of CPR simulation >
It shows the compression rate with playing a sound 100(or 110,120)/min and animation.
You can start and Stop the chest compression rhythm by the shake gesture.
Please select a favorite animation from 4 patterns.
You can do the simulation by following settings;

*Simulation of CPR with C-A-B.
- You can select a compression-to-ventilation ratio, 30:2 or 15:2.
- It shows a interruption time with a picture that prompts to start breathing when you need a breathing. Then it sounds every 1 second and automatically restarts a chest compression after 10 seconds.

*Simulation of Hands-only CPR

*Compression - ventilation time recording
- You can record to compression and ventilation time. And save to SD card.

< Function of Timer >
Count-down Timer : if you want to lesson CPR at a given time.
Count-up Timer : if you want to check a elapsed time by CPR.

Opt. Alarm at a set time - you may use it for medication support at the situation of ACLS.

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