Cure from black Magic (Rukiya)




    Rules for listening-:
    1) You may listen while lying on the bed,sitting on a chair etc. but with respect.
    2) Close the eyes and listen silently
    3) listen with faith and leave all the bad habits. Also don't take it us a burden.

    It contains ayahs from the Qura'an. Therefore even if you are not effected by anything listening Qura'an is also a good deed and you will be rewarded for that. If anyone is effected by any of the evil spirts the sings are seen like he may get headache, stomach ache, vomits etc. Don't panic. Sometime at certain part of our body starts to pain. These are the way to remove the evil spirit from ones body.
    The benefits are that Allah Ta'ala shows us in dreams that how when and where were you effected by this. Also our money time etc gets saved. Also our faith gets increased. Going to other people to ask for remedy its better to listen to this. Also hen we going to magicians and all our Imaan comes in danger.
    Therefore I have made an application for android which streams rukiyah and also allows to download. Anymore question regarding this can be asked by sending me a mail

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