Ever wondered about who can donate blood to you if you need it at times of accident, illness, Surgery or any Medical Emergency!!! Or who can receive blood from you in case of emergency!!!Donatebloodtoday is an application that helps you feel connected with individuals in need of blood and who are willing to donate blood. Application basically brings together those who seek for blood and those who are blood donors. Donors are the lifeline to millions of patients. This app will allow you to get connected to millions of people who are in need of blood.
• Blood donors register their information to the system and make themselves available for blood donation.
• Donors can countdown when they are eligible for their next donation eligibility date.
• People who need urgent blood can search for donors, by sending urgent blood requests via the application and also stating their exact location.
• Thus, people who need urgent blood directly reach the owners of the needed blood type.
• Share the information over the social media.
• Donatebloodtoday maps you to the nearest hospital or donor center for those who are urgently seeking blood.
• Application enables you to use this app to import contacts of friends that are registered with Donatebloodtoday, from your cell phone contacts list making it easier for you to call friends in times of need.
• Download Donatebloodtoday today! Give Blood. Save a million lives!!

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