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This is a Legacy App.and we keep this app for our users of the old version

To download the latest Version please visit

www.medicoapps.org or http://goo.gl/EQDi0z

What is new in the Latest Version?
1. Improve Search Algorithm
Many a times you may not be too sure about the spelling of a drug. You can enter any 3 or more consecutive words and search for the drug. For example if you want to seach Crocin you can use search for " cro" or "cin" or "rocin" or "ocin" and all the above will give you search results for crocin

2. No need for painful activation or payment. The new version is completely free

3. Drug & Brand Index

4. Ability to rate various Brands

So enjoy the Best and most updated Drug Index.

Please note in case you find any error there is a flag error button. Please use it so that our team can review the error submitted and our database can be more accurate.

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