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Emergency Contact Data Medical Record Profile Viewer

Emergency Contact and Medical Record Viewer for ECD Member Mobile Devices – Currently Available in U.S. and International English Usage

The ECD Medical Profile Viewer is available to registered ECD members.

In case of an emergency, the ECD viewer application lets you and emergency personnel who have access to your Android powered smart phone of tablet, view your emergency contact information and important medical history including current medical and prescription records. It also provides convenient access to this information when filling out forms in the doctor’s office, when providing information to the doctor, or when discussing medications with a pharmacist.

The ECD Application provides a continuous scrolling approach to the presentation of information so that all records are immediately available in one action by the first responder in emergency situations.

The Medical Profile includes these categories:

Personal Data, including an enlargeable photo to aid identification

Special Medical Alert and Mental Health Alert

Emergency Contacts – Multiple contacts, includes SMS text messaging and autodial

Physicians – Name, Primary Status, Specialty and Phone

Medications – Frequency and Dosage

Medical Conditions – Condition and Last Treatment

Surgeries – Type, Reason, Surgeon, Date, Facility, and Phone

Recent Treatments – Condition Treated, Practitioner, Treatment Date, Facility, Treatment Performed

Allergies – Drug, Material, Food, Environmental, Asthma, and Other – all with notes

Vaccinations – Vaccination and Date, Age Related Vaccination and Travel Related Vaccinations, plus notes

Health and Prescription Coverage – Company and Plan names, Consumer and Provider Phone Numbers – presented without private information disclosure

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