EMT I-85 Certification Guide



Comprehensive multi-section preparation study guide for EMT-I/85 (Intermediate) certification exam.

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) offers certification for EMT-Intermediate/85 service providers. Successful completion approved EMT-Basic certification and an EMT-I/85 course that meets or exceeds the U.S. Department of Transportation EMT-I/85 National Standard Curriculum makes on eligible for the certification exam. As a compliment to your completed EMT-I/85 course or for the purpose or Recertification, the EMT-I/85 Guide & Quiz helps to prepare you for the certification exam and as an EMT-I/85 professional.

Includes more than 1700 multiple choice quiz questions and 1700 flashcards. Includes glossary with common terms and definitions in twelve (12) learning modules.

Module 1: EMT-I Fundamentals
Module 2: Medical Math
Module 3: Human Anatomy
Module 4: Patient Assessment
Module 5: Airway Management
Module 6: Advanced Airway Treatment
Module 7: Medical Emergencies and ECG
Module 8: Neonatal & Pediatric
Module 9: Geriatric
Module 10: Trauma
Module 11: Operations and Management
Module 12: Medical Abbreviations

This study guide app is suited to people wishing to develop foundation knowledge of EMT-I/85 processes, procedures and key concepts to perform several more invasive procedures than are allowed at the basic level, including IV therapy, the use of multi-lumen airway devices (even endotracheal intubation in some states), and provides for enhanced assessment skills such as 4 lead EKG interpretation.

Other Features
* Save a report card of correct and incorrect answers to email
* Send colleagues and friends multiple choice quiz questions in email
* Read the latest paramedic/EMT news from popular blogs and news services
* Create custom flashcards and content

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