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    This is a PROTOTYPE application that I built for my Master Thesis. Therefore, if you download it, do not expect miracles from it, also have patience with it.

    Curious about what's under the hood?
    Get the printed version of my thesis:

    There is no built-in tutorial so far, you won't get how to work with it unless you read the hints bellow

    Youtube instructions:

    1. Make sure that when you use the application the light in the room does not reflect in your eyes. (try to avoid facing windows, or lightbulbs). However, your face has to be visible to the camera.
    2. Do not move / tilt your head when you use the application
    3. Perform a calibration test:
    3.1 Start the application
    3.2 Set your head approximately 25 cm from the screen. Your face should fit in the red rectangle on the camera preview, your RIGHT EYE and NOSTRIL are tracked by the camera.
    3.3 Hold the Android device so that your nostrils appear in the camera preview
    3.4 Press the "Start" button
    3.5 Hold head still and look at the camera preview (at yourself).
    4. Once calibration is done, three buttons will appear on the screen, each with characters and words
    5. Gaze Left, Right or Up to Highlight a desired Button, then Select button by blinking right eye or both eyes for two seconds (cout to 3)
    6. Continue to select desired Button until you have to choose between just two options.
    7. You can restore the Buttons to initial values by accessing he Back button from the top menu.
    7. You can delete characters from the text box by accessing the Undo button from the top menu
    8. Mark the end of a word by using Space or punctuation symbols.
    9. Use the Talk option to make the device talk the message back to you.

    In case you are not able to use the application for any reason please write me an e-mail at: with the subject "Eye Tracker - Write messages". I will try to give you Hints and Tips on how to manage to use the application.

    The prototype application purpose is to assist users write messages using only their eye's direction and blinks. The prototype was developed having in mind people with ALS, Locked-in syndrome or any person that can only move their eyes and eye lids.

    The device that I have tested it with is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1.2.
    You will need a front camera, preferably a light sensor and patience.

    - Supports different device orientations (Landscape and Portrait)
    - Guidelines for face recognition and setting the light conditions to proper values
    - Now app works with tablets like Nexus 7
    - Added a BEEP when user selects a letter by blinking - for users that cannot close just their right eye
    - Removed the Ads

    Tags: eye tracking app nexus , eye message , using eye tracking for locked in syndrome

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