Presenting: FREDD

    “Fredd” has been developed to assist

    in the critical mission of

    Saving Lives !

    All Paramedics, EMTs and first responders will tell you that fast, accurate and current patient information is one of the most valuable resource in the early minutes of any medical emergency.

    “FREDD” provides that early life saving information instantly upon request by any first responder. The first responder only needs to scan the QR bar code found on the patient’s wristband or wallet ID card with any smart phone, tablet or smart device to access the patient’s personal and medical information.

    Upon scanning the QR bar code and entering the Member’s ID number, found on the wristband, the members personal and medical information is immediately available for review from our Hippa compliant database.

    Data Available Includes:

    * Language Spoken

    * Full Name

    * Age/Date of Birth

    * Address

    * Emergency contact name and phone numbers

    * Allergies

    * Medical conditions

    * DNR (do not resuscitate) Certificate

    * Organ Donor Certificate


    In any emergency situation time is critical. Information holds the highest value and can often times mean the difference between a good and a bad outcome. The essential information that is available to first responders through the “FREDD” system and the “FREDD” app provides them with the information edge in the critical first hour of an emergency. Having access to medical history and other valuable information will give the first responders the advantage they need as they work against time.

    The golden hour has now been enriched with hours of instant information.