G-Codes for Therapy-PT,OT,SP

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    Effective January 1,2013; CMS is strongly recommending the use of G-codes which is a combination of a functional descriptor code and a functional assessment tool that as the therapist you have chosen. By July 1,2013; it will be mandated. So here is coding information through the use of a feed updated periodically, and information about this CMS Final Rule Change!!! Learn the ins and outs of G-codes and have a conversion calculator at your disposal. All this as a mobile app that you can access at the touch of a button. And the added benefit of receiving the rss feed for physical therapist available jobs updated daily. So be the one that is informed at your place of business and have access to everything effective July 1,2013!!!

    So you get seven widgets of information:

    2-CMS Modifiers
    3-MLN(Medicare Learning Network
    4-Ins and Outs of G-Codes by WebPT
    5-Conversion Calculator(search for conversion calculator, scroll down to CBOR conversion calculator. Once there, do a search for a specific test or tap on any one of the listed. For example: tap on Tinetti-gait and balance, input the score and hit convert and you now have the modifier code as CJ(29% impaired).
    6-CMS Final Rule Change
    7-Indeed job search-select any one of the jobs to get to the home search. Go to the "original article", go to home and do a job search for your desired position and location.

    So now you have all this on your smart phone as a one touch app available for you without searching or having to remember it all!!!

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