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Get Pregnant (Ad Free)'s review


Do you wanna know when your most fertile days are? Do you know exactly when your ovulation day is?

  • Fast info on your menstruation cycle
  • Doesn't have a calendar

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Get Pregnant is a simple app that isn't very complex in terms of functions. It could be used if you don't want to use a calendar to note down all the details of your cycle and definitely if you don't have the slightest intention of doing all the calculations yourself.


If it's enough for you just to know when your most fertile days are, this is the app for you. Get Pregnant gives us a calendar with dates of interest, like the last period, fertile days, the most fertile day, ovulation day, and the date from which you can take a pregnancy test.


As we said, it's a pretty simple app that doesn't let us keep our own calendar, nor introduce our own important dates, such as when we had sexual relations, the temperature, your mood etc. Also, it should be known that there is some advertizing.


by Cecília

Sep 18, 2015