Handbook of diseases



Detailed and compact medical handbook of diseases for those who care about their health!
This Handbook of Diseases application is useful not only for anyone but also serves as a good tool for medical students and even medical practitioners.

[✔ ]Handbook of Diseases is available on both Russian and English languages
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[✔] More than 3000 articles on 27 topics

✧ Drugs
✧ Infectious diseases
✧ Cardiovascular disease
✧ Respiratory diseases
✧ Kidney disease
✧ Diseases of the digestive system
✧ Allergies
✧ Clinical immunology
✧ Rheumatology
✧ Hematology and oncology
✧ Endocrinology
✧ Metabolisms
✧ Neurology
✧ Psychic dependence
✧ Dermatology
✧ Internal medicine
✧ Tuberculosis
✧ Cancer
✧ HIV - pathology
✧ Arrhythmias
and more.

Each disease is described in detail, which include:
● Classification of diseases
● Symptoms
● Pathogenesis
● Clinical
● Treatment options
● Forecasts

A convenient search engine allows you to quickly and accurately find the required diseases.
This Handbook of diseases application is useful not only for anyone but also serves as a good tool for medical students and even medical practitioners. You no more have to look into heavy reference books to understand the classification or description of symptoms of a disease. All this information can be obtained directly from your smartphone in two clicks.

✪ Version 2.0: radical redesign and the articles navigation mechanism change
✪ Version 1.2.1: SD-card support, reduced the size of the program

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Descriptions of the diseases, contained in this application, are not intended for medical treatment without a doctor and can be used for information purposes only.

Handbook of diseases - your health in your phone.

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