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Track and see trends with your headaches & migraines.
If you suffer from headaches, the most useful thing for your doctor to help you diagnose it is a journal of the most recent instances.

This is the most user-friendly, intuitive headache journal on the market. We are striving to improve the product as well so expect updates!

With Headache Journal you can:
-log headaches and their pain severity
-log headaches retroactively
-select multiple medications
-select multiple symptoms
-select multiple triggers
-log the weather
-add custom notes
-research headache triggers and headache types
-backup and restore feature
-edit single entries to add notes or medications
-delete single entries

One of the most helpful tools for you and your doctor is a Headache Journal. Your headache journal will be useful to track triggers, symptoms, the effectiveness of medications, and any patterns to your headaches. When seeing your doctor / neurologist you will be prepared.

This app makes that easy. Your phone is always with you and you can quickly log your headache details.

There is a paid, ad free version available as well. If you plan to upgrade from the free version, simply backup your headache database from the settings then install the paid version and do a restore from the settings. After you do this I suggest uninstalling the free version.

Please email me with your suggestions and questions. I am always looking for ideas.

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