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The main purpose of this software is to help in maintaining or improving the state of your health by monitoring a wide range of health parameters. For instance a common mistake is to monitor only blood pressure and weight. Especially cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are taken into account.
The software is based on scientific evidence and was prepared with the participation of physicians. The application is based on research and recommendations from international medical associations.
You can show a doctor your notes, received messages, summary reports or send a chosen part of your diary log.
You are not a product, no hidden data exports or other "fancy features".

- health diary
- tracking of: weight, body water and fat, waist size, height, blood pressure, body, temperature,
lipids (cholesterol - Total, LDL, HDL , triglicerides), blood sugar(glucose), smoking, physical activity, taken medicines
- making notes
- graphs
- short medical family interview
- list of monitored health parameters with filtering option
- prioritized list of tips, warnings, advices and praises, over 300 different messages
- you can set your goals and monitor the progress
- common specialized medical indicators with explanation (are used by doctors to assess possible treatment)
- calculation of a relative overall health index (0-100)
- average daily statistic
- summary reports with 2 periods comparison
- using different units of measurement
- detailed instructions for completing measurements (almost 70% of measurements are preformed wrong and are useless to a doctor)
- medication taking: planning , remainders, watching
- export the diary (for example export to Google Drive and next print or use a spreadsheet on a PC)
- application data backup restore ( with the automatic backup option)

Consider please that high risk does not mean you will become ill.
It only means that you should be more careful.


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