Heart Failure a-pocketcards



The Heart Failure a-pocketcards contain a collection of important information on the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of heart failure including:

* Neurohormonal mechanisms of heart failure and common causes of nonischemic cardio myopathy

* Heart failure staging information including stage-specific treatment guidelines

* The correct assessment and treatment of acute decompensate heart failure

* A PRIDE score- and BNP level-based algorithm for the management and triage of patients with suspected acute congestive heart failure

* Instructions on the initial evaluation of patients with heart failure including history and physical and laboratory data information

* AHA/ACC/HRS guidelines on cardiac defibrillation and resynchronization therapy

* Pharmacologic therapy information including dosage tables for ACE inhibitors, ARBs, diuretics, inotropes, and other drugs commonly used in the management of heart failure

Tags: decompensated heart failure pathophysiology , physiology of acute heart failure