Human Anatomy Pro



The Human Anatomy PRO application is a simple educational quick reference app that contains the information of sixteen different biological systems.

List of Contents
1. Cardio Vascular System
2. Digestive system
3. Endocrine - Central Nervous
4. Endocrine - Reproductive
5. Endocrine - Alimentary
6. The Eye
7. Female Reproductive System
8. Lymphatic System
9. Male Reproductive System
10. Muscular System - Back
11. Muscular System - Front
12. Nervous System
13. Respiratory System
14. Skeletal System - Back
15. Skeletal System - Front
16. Urinary System

- Illustration of each biological system that can be zoomed using pinch touch.
- Description of each element represented in each biological system.
- Reference links to wiki for more thorough description.

How To
- To view a specific biological system one has to select it from the main list. This will open a new view with an illustration of the biological system. The user can zoom the image to see details better by using the pinch zoom. To view more information about a topic, just click on the item. If the user wants a even more detailed description there is a "More Information - Wiki" button that is revealed by pressing the Menu button of the device.

Note: Human Anatomy Pro is the ad free version of Human Anatomy by SusaSoftX. Check it out first and if you don't like ads then you can get this one.

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