Insulin Therapy



In this application are calculated insulin requirements needed by hospitalized patients with hyperglycemia. We propose two therapeutic regimens and different routes of administration. Recommended intravenous insulin therapy in critical illness (ICU), and subcutaneous intensive regimen in stable patients who can tolerate oral intake or enteral nutrition. For the preparation of these calculators I algorithm based on clinical trial NICE-SUGAR,arm of the study that showed reduced mortality in ICU patients if blood glucose levels were maintained between 140-180 mg/dl [7,7 to 10 mmol/L] . In stable patients have followed the recommendations classic show that subcutaneous intensive insulin regimens, with the aim of approaching normoglycemia, improves prognosis of diabetic and nondiabetic patients. In these patients is recommended to maintain blood glucose preprandrial level between 90-130 mg/dl [5 to 7,2 mmol/L].
Calculations can be performed for blood glucose values measured in mg/dl or mmol/L. The insulin dose adjustment of intravenous takes into account the upward or downward produced in the last hour of treatment and amount of insulin responsible for this variation. Attached literature and formulas used in the calculation and dose adjustment.

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