iRefer supports you to search specialist doctors and other medical resources. Target audience of this app is the hospitalists who are the primary doctors seeing the patients in the hospital. When they need a specialist such as a cardiologist, they will consult this list to find a doctor who goes to that hospital and who participates with the insurance of the patient.


* Registration process from the app.
* Ability to search online and offline.
* Ability to choose multiple counties( upto 4 ) for downloading doctors.
* Ability to search Insurance wise.
* Ability to search Speciality wise.
* Ability to search Hospital wise.
* Ability to search County/Zipcode wise.
* Ability to search Language wise.
* Ability to search Extra Office hour wise.
* Ability to call the corresponding doctor.
* Advanced search feature.
* Ability to find out the details information of a specialist including his/her practice names and addresses, hospital names, etc.

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