iSonographer Ultimate Atlas



★★★ #1 Value for Ultrasound★★★

Key Features

☆ Exam Protocols
☆ Indications with ICD-9 code
☆ Lab Values
☆ Tables of normal/abnormal values for most major measurements.
☆ Waveform images
☆ ABI calculator

This app is a comprehensive reference of ultrasound measurements. In this app you find protocols and measurements of vascular ultrasound, general ultrasound, and echocardiography.


✔IVC/iliac Duplex
✔Aorto-iliac Duplex
✔Renal Artery Duplex
✔Mesenteric Vascular
✔Lower Duplex
✔Lower Physiological Studies
✔Cold Immersion
✔Upper Arterial Study
✔Allens Test
✔Palmar Arch
✔Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
✔Upper Duplex
✔Upper Vein Mapping
✔Lower Vein Mapping
✔Dialysis Axis Graft
✔Dialysis Mapping
✔Carotid Duplex
✔Transcranial Doppler
✔ Complete abdomen
✔ Appendix
✔ Renal
✔ Thyroid
✔ Testical\Scrotum
✔ Penile
✔ Breast
✔ Sub-Mandibular
✔ Lumps
✔ Eye
✔ Female Pelvis
✔ Transvaginal pelvis
✔ First trimester obstetrical
✔ Second/Third trimester obstetrical
✔ Biophysical profile
✔ Infant pylorus
✔ Neonatal Brain
✔ Infant Hip
✔ Infant spine
✔ Aortic Stenosis
✔ Aortic Regurgitation
✔ Aortic Prostheses
✔ Mitral Stenosis
✔ MS Diagnostic Criteria
✔ Pressure Half-Time in MS
✔ MS Morphology Scoring
✔ Mitral Valve Reguritation
✔ Pulmonic Stenosis
✔ Pulmonary Regurgitation
✔ Tricuspid Stenosis
✔ Valvular Regurgitation
✔ M-Mode/2D Refence Values
✔ Valve Area Reference Values
✔ Valve Velocity Values
✔ Other Reference Values
✔ Atheroma Grading - TEE
✔ RA Pressure Evaluation
✔ Diastolic Dysfunction

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