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iUrinal - Shy Bladder App is the number one app created to help men overcome their shy bladder syndrome, also known as paruresis.

If you are reading this then more than likely you suffer from a bashful bladder and know how difficult and frustrating it is to urinate in a public restroom. (Note: it has been reported that 1 out of 10 men have some symptoms of a bashful bladder or paruresis so you are not alone.)

What iUrinal – Shy Bladder App does is take the pressure off the person that is trying to pee in a public bathroom by making the peeing sound through your phone’s speakers to mimic the sound as if you were actually going. Those around you, either very close or far away, will think you are actually urinating.

Many people suffering from peeing stage fright have been able to urinate while using this app because anyone around the person with the bashful bladder will think they are actually going; thus taking off the mental pressure from the person who suffers from this type of stage fright.

In this customized app you are able to choose 4 peeing sounds from the most commonly used urinals and toilet. 1: the waterless urinal 2: the urinal with mid-level amount of water 3: the long urinal and 4: the standard toilet. So no matter where you are you can find the sound that fits the toilet you are using.

The custom controls allow you to stop the peeing sound at anytime making it a seamless transfer over from your phone’s speakers making the sound to you actually “going.” No one in the bathroom will ever know you were first using iUrinal- Shy Bladder App to make the urination sound.

We are proud to help men all over the world go pee in public restrooms again!

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