People with diabetes, especially those with Type I Diabetes, need to know about ketones and the effects of ketoacidosis (a high level of ketones in the blood). This lesson teaches about what ketones are, how to test for high levels of ketones and what to do if your ketones levels are too high.

    This richly illustrated interactive lesson is offered in written and spoken English and Spanish in a way that makes the topic easy to understand. About every minute, the lesson asks you a question to make sure the key ideas were explained clearly.

    Patient Education Programs’ lessons are used in many hospitals and clinics throughout the United States to help teach those with Diabetes how to self-manage their disease.

    This is one lesson of a full series of 20 lessons called the “Diabetes Education Series”. These review important issues and information needed by persons with diabetes to help them self manage their disease. Install the full App called the “Diabetes Education Series” from the Android Market for $4.99.

    Developed by Patient Education Programs LLC of Richmond, Virginia. 800-232-3151.

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