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This vital medical sales job-getting app was created by Peggy McKee, The Medical Sales Recruiter and owner of PHC Consulting, a nationally-recognized medical sales recruiting firm. Peggy has worked with medical sales managers at every level, from small regional companies to Fortune 5 big dogs, and has personal experience as a medical sales manager in her pre-recruiting days. In addition, she is the CEO of Career Confidential, a company dedicated to giving job seekers the secrets to a wildly successful job search. She has been recognized by CNN and HR Examiner as a job search authority and her eBooks are available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Her strong, positive, job-getting advice is at your fingertips with this exciting, well-designed, easy-to-use app.

***What Others Have Said About Peggy McKee***

"I contacted Peggy when I realized that my [medical sales] job search wasn't working. I only spent 1 hour with Peggy.

I applied all of her tips and tactics and within 3 weeks I had interviewed with more companies than in the previous 3 months. One of the companies was one of the top 3 medical device companies in the world.

I did receive an offer from them but turned them down for a fast growing Medical Software company. I've been on the job for a while now and although learning a new industry has proved to be a challenge - I'm loving it.

Thank you very much. I recommend Peggy’s services to anyone that seeks to transition into medical sales."

Kenny N.
Medical Sales Rep

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