MediAlert is a simple and effective medicine reminder/alert app. It reminds you when to take medicine by allowing you to schedule alarms. It also allows you to schedule alarms for your appointment with the doctor. You can even make your own prescription notes and can click images of the prescription given by the doctor.
• Schedule alarms for reminding when to buy new stock of medicines.
• Schedule multiple alarms for taking a specific medicine that repeats at a specific interval of hours and minutes in a day. So there will be no chance you forget to take your medicines on time.
• Schedule alarms for your appointment with the doctor on a specific date and time.
• Create your own prescription notes for do’s and don’ts for a specific medicine or disease.
• You can click image of the doctor’s prescription and can save it for your future use, like you won’t have to carry the prescription page to a chemist. Or it may be very helpful if you lost your prescription sheet.

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