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    Do you always take your medicine as scheduled? Sometimes, people on a medical treatment do not take one of the doses, either because they just forget or because they feel better and simply decide to stop taking it without seeing their doctor first.

    The MedsOnTime mobile app has been designed to improve user quality of life by providing them with a platform that sends out warnings and monitors the intake of medicines. This platform contributes to the safety and the efficiency of treatments by sending out graphical, flexible and user-friendly messages to iPhone or iPad devices.

    MedsOnTime can manage up to three profiles at the same time and is intended for anyone on any kind of medical treatment, or for caregivers of elderly, young or sick people.

    Thousands of people all over the world are already making the most of MedsOnTime monitoring.

    MedsOnTime® by Medicactive.

    The information contained on this website is not medical advice. See your doctor about diagnosis and treatment.

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