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    There is a new and improved version of Ménière's Monitor available which all users are encouraged to install. You can keep this version installed as well so you can view your old data, just be sure to enter all future daily surveys into the new Ménière's Monitor. Get the new version here

    Currently Ménière’s disease is quite poorly understood and limited research has been carried out into the condition. Ménière’s Monitor has been created specifically to study how the symptoms of the disease vary on a daily basis. In particular, the aim is to investigate what factors influence symptom severity and whether any environmental factors influence symptoms.

    Using Ménière’s Monitor is quick and easy. First you will be asked to complete a few questions about yourself. Then it's just a case of filling out a survey each day measuring your symptoms, taking no more than about 30 seconds.

    Ménière’s Monitor will automatically send your surveys to our central database. You will be shown your data as well as the national averages on customisable graphs.

    Please note:
    - To take part in the research you must allow location awareness on your device. Without this, Ménière’s Monitor can be used for personal use but your data cannot be used for research purposes.
    - Ménière’s Monitor will access the internet when it needs to upload your data or download the national average data.

    Find out more about this research and who's involved.

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