Miniatlas Asthma and Rhinitis



Miniatlas Asthma and Rhinitis is the perfect pocket tool for doctors who specialize in this condition. Always handy in your Android, you will have a complete collection of high-quality, precise medical images on Asthma and Rhinitis, which you will find helpful to use both in your daily practice and in presentations with colleagues. Also, the application includes the option to send the images by e-mail.
Whatever you are looking for, the Miniatlas Asthma and Rhinitis has an image for it.

The Miniatlas Asthma and Rhinitis application offers a large collection of high quality, detailed medical images about the general features of Asthma and Rhinitis, accompanied by referenced texts. Use it to explain to your patients all the relevant aspects of this condition. With this great visual aid, patients become more active during their visits, and you can give them all the answers they need.
The Miniatlas Asthma and Rhinitis offers the following features:
* A large database of detailed and labeled pictures associated with Asthma and Rhinitis.
* Each illustration is accompanied by a detailed text explanation
* Close view (zoom in) of any section of the image
* Simple search - just type part of the keyword you are looking for
* E-mail of any image or section of an image
* It helps doctors communicate with patients more easily and effectively
* It works in portrait or landscape mode

Go ahead and download the Miniatlas Asthma and Rhinitis now!