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If you -
Have medical forms to fill out and can't remember all of the details to write down?
Are on multiple medications and have to remember the dosages and obscure drug names?
Need to know the specifics of medical history , procedures, and conditions?
Want to keep track of a chronic condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure?
Need an easy to use record of your weight and BMI progress?
Want quick access to records of medical office visits?
Have loved one that you need to keep medical information for?
Have medical paperwork that you need to manage?
then you need My Health Records.

My own battles with high blood pressure and colon cancer led me to create this app. I was going from doctor to doctor and at every one, I was presented with a new set of paperwork. It didn't help that I was a little foggy from the chemotherapy, but I needed something that I carried with me that allowed me to keep track of my medications, office visits, lab tests, and all of the other health records that my doctors needed me to know.

From necessity came invention. Since I couldn't do too much except sit in front of my computer while hooked up to my chemotherapy pump, I started programming. I'm a software engineer with a lot of experience building data driven software, so I knew I could do it. And, after a few months, I had My Health Records.

At the time, there were not a lot of apps doing what My Health Records does. Since then, there's been a lot of other apps that do all or part of what My Health Records does. A lot of these apps seem to be more interested in pushing advertisements at you, or offer themselves for free just to get you to sign up for a subscription website, or even to sell your medical information to others trying to sell you something.

My Health Records is for you, the user of the app. I do my best to secure your information and keep it private. I don't give it out to anybody, or even collect it for myself. It's all up to you how you want to share it, or even if you don't.

Since I first published My Health Records, I've been steadily improving it based on the feedback of my customers. I hope it meets your needs.

-- Rob Robinson

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