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    A humorous book of how the author overcame depression with his admiration of nature.

    The author discusses the two principal methods of treating disease; the combative and the preventive, and goes on to explain that modern medicine is almost always about combative medication and not preventive.

    He shows how one can use purely natural methods to prevent, treat and hinder the development of diseases. This is a practical book for adherents of natural therapy.

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    There are two principal methods of treating disease. One is the combative, the other the preventive.

    The trend of modern medical research and practice in our great colleges and endowed research institutes is almost entirely along combative lines, while the individual, progressive physician learns to work more and more along preventive lines.

    The slogan of modern medical science is, "Kill the germ and cure the disease."

    The usual procedure is to wait until acute or chronic diseases have fully developed, and then, if possible, to subdue them by means of drugs, surgical operations, and by means of the morbid products of disease, in the form of serums, antitoxins, vaccines, etc.

    The combative method fights disease with disease, poison with poison, and germs with germs and germ products.

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