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Sympto Plus: The only reliable and precise symptothermal (NFP) fertility tracking app on the internet: Natural contraception is guaranteed when sympto plus is used correctly. Apps that pretend to predict ovulation day or that make other forecasts are pure fake.

It runs on all Android tablets. No hidden costs! Sympto plus does not require an internet connection for its basic functions. It is a genuine, stand-alone app powered by Java technology and has been running smoothly since 2008.

Occasional internet connection ensures syncing with your account. Introduction videos get you started.
Sympto Plus includes 15 days of free fertility management coaching by a trained, professional Natural Family Planning (NFP) counsellor. Fertility management coaching beyond the free, 15-day trial can be purchased as “Premium Access” option in various time increments for you to become competent in your symptothermal interpretations.

Sympto Plus calculates your fertile window using the “symptothermal method” (STM) which uses your basal body temperature that you record on days indicated by the app, and cross-checks it with your cervical fluid observations. Alternatively or additionally, there is an option to include internal cervical observations in your data.

A full, free-of-charge manual explains the complete method in great detail on

Other features:
*Special functions built in for pregnancy-achieving, breastfeeding, and pre-menopause.
*”Pilot Mode” option guides you through your first cycle with instructions every step of the way.
*Enter data from past cycles as far back as January 2000.

When you enter at least six consecutive, completed cycles on sympto, we will analyze them for you free-of-charge and provide feedback to you before you continue.
*Your cycles can be posted anonymously in web forums or be sent to your gynaecologist.
*Easy-to-use icons with detailed descriptions to help you select the correct observations each day.
Note: When used correctly, the symptothermal method has been proven 99.4 PI effective in accurately indicating fertility status (see clinical studies on However, the Sympto Foundation cannot guarantee effectiveness with incorrect or incomplete use. Therefore, we recommend purchasing the “Premium Access” option for at least six months where you will learn how to properly observe and record your fertility signs.

*Moon phases help you to see yourself in harmony with the universe.

Visit for more information about the non-profit-oriented Swiss SymptoTherm Foundation, 1132 Lully, Switzerland. On our website you will also find other products offered.

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