Nursing Tool & IV Drips



Essential tool for medical professionals such as doctors and nurses, and nursing students! Assists with calculations, IV drip, dosing.

Features included:

- IV Drips
- Calculate Rate (mL/hr, gtt/min, mcg/kg/min to mL/hr, etc.)
- Rates without using IV pump, when given a time limit, handling medication such as norepinephrine and nitroglycerine, etc.
- Infusion time
- Dosage calculator for liquids, tablets, caplets, capsules, etc.
- Adjusted Body Weight (ABW)
- Body Surface Area (BSA)
- Ideal Body Weight (IBW)
- Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Interpreter
- Pediatric Dose
- Blood loss/volume
- Temperature Conversion (Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin)
- Measurements (metric, gr, tsp, tbs, oz, cup, min, dr, inches, cm, feet, etc.)
- Weight Conversion (kilograms, pounds)
- % solution to mg/mL
- Usage for certain drugs and medication.

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