Off-Label Drug Side Effects



This application lets you see off-label drug side effects and adverse reactions. These are side effects not listed on the FDA required product label.

Search simply and view results easily with the most common appearing first in the list.

Stanford recently did a statistical analysis of the FDA drug adverse reaction and side effect database. They published their results and made them available to the public.

However, the mountains of data they published led to a mountain of results.

A simple interface for searching them was required.

After reading an article from the Stanford team on Slashdot, I decided Android was the perfect interface for this.

Added a letter chooser to make searching faster.

My sincere thanks to Nicholas Tatonetti at Stanford for making this possible.

Removed AdMob and AirPush Ads. I hate them. I really hate them. This app is smaller, faster and better than ever before.

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