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The Expeda’s Osteoporosis Adviser is a simple and easy to use Web enabled tool providing individual’s with information on Osteoporosis. The service does not provide an absolute diagnosis of a patient‘s ailment. A physician’s clinical evaluation of the patient is always necessary. The advisor is presented as a web page. The left hand side of the webpage is for inputs and the right hand side presents the output of the system.

Osteoporosis: The silent modern plaque

Osteoporosis is a disease in which the density and quality of the bone is reduced,
resulting in enhanced risk of bone fracture. Osteoporosis is very common
affecting about one out of three women and one out of five men worldwide.
The loss of bone occurs "silently" and frequently there are no symptoms until
the first fracture occurs, e.g. in the wrist, spine or hip. Fractures can have
serious consequences, including chronic pain, body deformity, hospitalization,
operations and loss of independence. Thus, significantly reducing the
individual’s quality of life and in worst cases it can result in death. Today it is
known that death rate due to hip fracture is higher compared to breast cancer
related mortality among women.

Osteoporosis: High economic burden

The total cost of osteoporosis related fracture is estimated to be 3.5% of the total
global health care spending. While the burden of that cost originates from the
acute management of fracture only 4.7% of the total cost is from preventive and
primary pharmacologic treatment interventions. Within the European Union
the economic burden of fractures has been estimated to be €36 billion annually

Preventive and treatable measures of osteoporosis

The good news is that osteoporosis is a treatable condition, thus, many fractures
can be avoided. However, there is still a serious treatment gap, mostly due
to insufficient case finding of individuals at risk of fracture, who also would
benefits the most from primary treatment interventions. Therefore, by using
the Expeda Osteoporosis Advisor, we do not only calculate the 10-years risk of
fracture, but also present our customers with individualized specialist – quality
level advice concerning prevention and medical treatment recommendations
for osteoporosis. With the aid of our adviser the individual is in control
over his/her own bone health, ultimately providing improved quality of life for
individuals at risk for osteoporosis and fractures with immediate positive
economic impact, not only for the individual but also the society in general.

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