Oxygen Flow Calculator



Calculate the time remaining in an oxygen cylinder at a given flow rate.

*** Requires Adobe Air (free on Android Market) download first, if you cannot find it do not download this app***

Set the flow ( lpm )
Set the size ( AA, BB / M6, CC, D, E, G, M, M120, M60, H/K )
See the time remaining

Timer option perfect for any paramedic or EMT on those critical care transports to help ensure you arrive with air to spare. While the timer is running you can change the flow rate if needed. Alarm option will sound when there is 5 minutes remaining and again at 2 minutes and 0.

The calculation uses the standard 200 psi cushion.
In regards to accuracy here is a list of the conversion factors used.
AA 0.04
BB / M6 0.068
C 0.11
D 0.16
DD Lite 0.25
E 0.28
E Lite 0.62
M120 0.81
M60 0.79
G 1.56
M 2.41
H / K 3.14

If you want me to add a tank size or flow rate, or have a problem with the app email me at jasonricemedia@gmail.com

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