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Catch My Pain is a fantastically useful tool in helping you record what hurts, when and why

  • Comprehensive
  • Great graphic elepment
  • Useful

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"A Pain Diary"


It's sometimes hard to explain exactly what hurts or how much. People that have these pains tend to stress about it, as they aren't able to describe the pain very well. This app helps you record the details. Where the pain is, how much it hurts, and the situation that it happened in. With that info, going to the Doc's to expain will be a piece of cake!


The app has a great graphic element and is easy to use too. The user can easy add their pains on the map of the body, using different colors to record the intensity. When you add a new pain, you can also give extra details such as the strength of the pain, the body part affected, the duration, a description (burning, stabbing etc) and your general feelings (stressed, worried, tired etc). It can also record the weather conditions in that location, as we know this too can play a part in our ailments.

The app also makes graphs over the period that you have a pain. This is a great visual way to track your issue and it's perfect at keeping an eye on any developing trends or diseases.


Obviously, it's a real shame you have to pay some of the options.


by Cecília

Mar 11, 2015

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