Pharmacist Society



Pharmacist Society is an online medical community, exclusively for Pharmacists.

Welcome to Pharmacist Society, a Skipta Community for Android. Pharmacist Society is an online medical community exclusively for verified Pharmacists that enables communication, consultation and information exchange within a private and secure platform


Core features and functionality offer a range of collaborative peer-based services, including:


The Stream is a customized compilation of activities unique to members and the members’ posts and groups that they are following.

Curbside Consult

A place where Pharmacists are encouraged to post their toughest cases or industry conundrums for feedback.


Groups within Pharmacist Society provide a destination for focused information and topics of interest, such as a medication, professional organization or academic institution.


Games allow members to test their knowledge and compete against peers.


The latest news and information is brought to members from the reputable sources they are already viewing on a daily basis.


Your perfect job is out there and Pharmacist Society wants to help you find it! In our Careers area, you're able to search, save and apply to jobs based on location and specialty.

Private Messaging

Instantly chat with colleagues in a private setting.

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