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The Pharmacy Calculator for Android gives quick and accurate information for some of the most common clinical queries a pharmacist may get. It is designed for Australian pharmacists, but can be used by international pharmacists with the same accuracy. It includes the following calculators:

* Creatinine Clearance
* Weight Calculator
* Aminoglycoside Calculator
* Phenytoin Calculations

- Includes calculations for Cockgroft-Gault, Jelliffe 1973 and the Salazar/Corcoran methods
- Calculates ideal body weight for use in the Cockgroft-Gault equation
- Includes international units

- Calculates IBW (ideal body weight), LBW (lean body weight), ABW (adjusted body weight), BSA (body surface area) and BMI (body mass index) - perfect for drug dosing for patients

- Calculates the first dose based on creatinine clearance using either Pharmacokinetic methods, using the Australian Therapeutic Guidelines recommendations, or using the Royal Perth Hospital recommendations.
- Calculates subsequent doses based on two drug levels and using either the area-under-the-curve method, or the peak-trough method
- Includes two area-under-the-curve methods - The virtual-peak method assumes a virtual peak at time 0 while the infusion modified method calculates the area-under-the-curve for the infusion time (less aug than virtual peak)

- Dose adjustments for albumin levels
- Valproate dose adjustments
- Time to reach steady state
- Time for the concentration to fall to a desired level
- Maintenance dose calculator
- Loading dose calculator

This is the first version of the calculator, with additions expected soon which will include more pharmacokinetic equations and dose adjustments.

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